What Is The ROI Of Art In Business?


Distilling it down to its bare essentials, success in business is all about persuasion. Inspiring people to do things for your cause. The more compelling you can be, the more ways you can appeal to people, the greater your chances of succeess.

This is the case whether we are talking about your customers, employees, shareholders or suppliers. It is a battle of hearts and minds. Buying better, selling more convincingly, helping provide purpose for your teams – what’s tools are in your arsenal?

We have one that most executives don’t think about. Art. Why should art be effective in this empirical, number-led, over analyzed world?

For the same reason why many economists and students of human behavior share disappointment in humanity’s apparent illogical nature.

Because we are not all rational all of the time, if we were, then it would be so much easier to organize things for the common good. All of your business challenges could be dealt with by simply informing people of the facts. Your customers would always buy the logically best product and your people would always execute against plan.

The real truth is that we are not the calculating, rational creatures we pretend to be.  Emotion, instinct and logic, control us.  We are beset by cognitive biases. This is precisely why much of what should work in organizations, doesn’t. It is why the logically compelling email distributed throughout your company has little effect.

This is precisely why our brand of art works. It’s does the heavy lifting of connecting with people – emotionally, logically, in a way that is seldom seen in business. It can communicate nearly any imperative in a poignant, meaningful and engaging way. A single image in the right place can do more than weeks of coaching, company outings and rah rah sessions.

Plain and simple: We move people. We move organizations.

What’s that worth?

You already know the answer.


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