“Office Art That Actually Matters”

[Checking out the gapingvoid art hanging over at Studio Good etc.] “Office Art That Actually Matters” is the unofficial tagline for gapingvoid, at least that’s the one we’ve been using, that’s our current mantra etc. A good architect tries to create a space or a building on that ignites people, on a daily basis. Ditto […]

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“get other people to hate you”

[“Popularity”, which I sent out in the newsletter recently. You can buy the print here etc.] The bad news is, the better your EVIL PLAN, the more people are going to hate it. The good news is, the better your EVIL PLAN, the more people are going to love it. In Flaubert’s great literary masterpiece, […]

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“make art every day”

I meet young, creative people all the time, just out of college. They’re tending bar, waiting tables, stacking shelves in bookstores, folding jeans at The Gap, working in an office.  All trying to get by, all trying to figure out what to do next, where they fit in this big ol’ world of ours. And […]

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gapingvoid cleans up his act (temporarily)

Dennis Howlett explains: Now that Hugh has cleaned it up, this should be on everyone’s office wall. Of course if you’re feeling particularly adventurous then the original is an option. The original is my preferred choice but that’s me… Back story – I like the original but know it’s a bit too edgy for some […]

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“eventually, you need to start being you. and then– you need to get really good at it.”

[“Echo Chamber”, which I sent out in the newsletter recently. You can buy the print here etc.] [Today’s guest post comes from Faris Yakob.] You never know what you’re going to be famous for. In the case of Polonius Lord Chamberlain to King Claudius in what is arguably the best known play in the world […]

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“cultural transformation”: what gapingvoid wants to do when it grows up…

[The “Cube Grenade” I did for Shit Creek Consulting etc.] So long after you leave college, you keep asking yourself the question, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” And to help you answer the question, you try out a whole string of different things. Working in an office. Working outdoors. Going […]

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focus on the the important

[“90%”, which I sent out recently in the newsletter. You can buy the print here etc.] [Today’s guest post is from minimalist maven,  Everett Bogue.] How to Eliminate Distractions to Focus on the Important In the modern age it’s so difficult to focus on the important. It’s not entirely your fault. For the last few […]

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no point stressing out

random thoughts on being an entrepreneur

[The “I’m Not Delusional” print, for sale on the gallery…] Random thoughts on being an entrepreneur. [Originally posted January, 2007] I wouldn’t say I was an authority on entrepreneurship, certainly not in the same league as people like Fred Wilson or Jason Calacanis. That being said, the last couple of years haven’t been too shabby, […]

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“boring” is underrated

[“George”, which I sent out in the newsletter recently. You can get the signed print here etc.] I was thinking back to “The Golden Age of Blogging”, whenever that was. Say, six or seven years ago… when it hit that sweet spot between still feeling like virgin territory, yet just on the verge of reaching […]

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Hugh MacLeod is a genius.  Genius.

Seth Godin
Best Selling Author

His work acknowledges the absurdity of workaday life, while also encouraging employees to respond with passion, creativity, and non-conformity...   MacLeod’s work is undeniably an improvement over the office schlock of yore. At its best, it’s more honest, and more cognizant of the entrepreneurial psyche, while still retaining some idealism.

The New Republic
Lydia Depillis

Last year my State of the College address was 76 slides loaded with data. This year it was 14 cartoons that were substantially more memorable.

Len Schlesinger
Former President, Babson College

"There are only two daily newsletters that I look forward to opening and reading every time they show up to my inbox: Seth Godin's and gapingvoid."

Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos

In moments of indecision I glance at the wall [to Hugh's work] for guidance.

Brian Clark
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