gapingvoid’s 100th email cartoon

This morning marks the 100th gapingvoid cartoon we’ve sent out on the newsletter. To celebrate, we offered a special deal to all our subscribers: Buy one print (framed or unframed), get another print free. Easy. My list seemed to like the offer, So far this morning we’ve sold quite a few. Hurrah! [“Hello From Hugh”: […]

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the wee nudge

[“Hugged”, which went out earlier this morning in the newsletter. You can buy the print here etc.] These days I’m finding myself writing less about my usual sex/angst/alienation shtick, and more and more about business and entrepreneurship, hence the cartoon above. As my interests evolve, so does the subject matter. It’s really that simple. I […]

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‘cube grenade’ case study: the monster inside your head

[The Cube Gre­nade blog archive. Commission your own Cube Grenade.] Jerry Colonna used to be a Ven­ture Capi­ta­list. He was EXTREMELY suc­cess­ful as a part­ner with Fred Wil­son at Fla­ti­ron Part­ners. Before that, he was an invest­ment ban­ker on Wall Street. Then he deci­ded he wan­ted out of the busi­ness. He had made his money, […]

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gapingvoid gallery gets a facelift

The gapingvoid Gallery has a new look. Go see… [Backs­tory: About Hugh. E-mail Hugh. Work with Hugh. Twit­ter. Cartoon Archive. News­let­ter. Book. Inter­view One. Inter­view Two. EVIL PLANS. Limi­ted Edi­tion Prints. Essen­tial Rea­ding: “Everything You Always Wan­ted To Know About ‘Cube Gre­na­des’ But Were Afraid To Ask.”]

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“art for the real world”

[“Portfolio Number One”, hanging in a collector’s office in Germany.] I’ve been playing around with this line  a lot recently: “Art For The Real World”. I’m interested in how art affects what some people call “The Real World”- the workplace, the world of work, the world of business. That’s what the Cube Grenade idea is […]

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can art have “users”? [revisited]

One of my collectors, Tom LaPille just emailed me this- a photo of his “Quality” cube grenade, now safely hanging on his office wall. Like I said back in April, it’s what the art DOES that’s interesting to me, more than what it IS per se. We’ve always seen the Kine­tic Qua­lity wor­king in mar­ke­ting, […]

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“ignore everybody” portfolio series number two: signed and numbered, 11″x14″, $300.00 pre-order, $50 deposit

[“Mistakenly”] [“Nobody Cares”] [“Vanished”] [“CFA’} [Click on images to enlarge etc.] [UPDATE: These prints are now also for sale individually. Go check out to see more….] After the very successful launch of Portfolio Series Number One, we’re happy to announce the launch of Portfolio Series Number Two. After consulting with y’all recently about what […]

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“cube grenades” start arriving

[@macfowler: “Totally hyped that my @gapingvoid prints arrived today”] The Portfolio Series Number One, a.k.a. the “Cube Grenades”, which I announced the same day that my book launched, have started arriving at their new owners’ homes. Thanks, Mac, and Everybody Else who ordered! Rock on. [Update: The Create or Die prints have started arriving […]

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“ignore everybody” portfolio series number one: signed and numbered, 11″x14″, $300.00

[The printer’s proofs. Click on image to enlarge etc.] [“Dinosaur”] [“Hughtrain”] [“Quality”] [“Talked”] [Update:] You can purchase the Portfolio here. Last week I blogged about a series of small prints I was working on, based on the cartoons in the new book, “IGNORE EVERYBODY”, which as y’all know, launched today. These cartoons above are some […]

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“ignore everybody” cube grenades: the new small print series

[“Dinosaur”] [“Hughtrain”] [“Quality”] [“Talked”] A week ago I wrote that we’d be producing some new prints based on some of the cartoons appearing in my book, IGNORE EVERYBODY. After receiving a lot of feedback from y’all, we decided on the four designs above. Here are some notes: 1. They’ll be smaller. Approx 9.5″x14″, roughly the […]

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His work acknowledges the absurdity of workaday life, while also encouraging employees to respond with passion, creativity, and non-conformity...   MacLeod’s work is undeniably an improvement over the office schlock of yore. At its best, it’s more honest, and more cognizant of the entrepreneurial psyche, while still retaining some idealism.

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