YouTube Video: The “Failure” Moleskine

This is a video of one of my Moleskine drawings, currently hanging on the wall at gapingvoid Central. I don’t make too many of the Moleskine drawings, so they sell out quickly [though if you are ever in the market, I’m always happy to talk etc].

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“ideas that do not risk offense, aren’t.”

[Moleskine drawing from 2009: “Tried Meaningful”. You can see the enlarged image here. See more like this over at the Moleskine archive etc.] “Ideas that do not risk offense, aren’t.” And yes, your business is an idea. Your product is an idea. The conversation you’re trying to have with your market is also an idea. […]

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“the intense longing”

This one is called “The Intense Longing”. The latest from the “Moleskine” series [Click here to enlarge etc]. Friday night I was in Marfa, hearing my favorite local band, The Doodlin’ Hogwallops, play a gig at Padre’s. Because I was driving, I wasn’t drinking any alcohol, so I just stuck to black coffee the whole […]

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one of my favorite recent drawings is now for sale on the gallery site

Very cool. “Tried Life”, one of my favorites from the “Moleskine” series, is now for sale over on the gallery. You can see the enlarged image here.

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“fight like hell” moleskine

Drew this one last night at the bar. One of my favorites so far. [The Moleskine archive is here…] [About Hugh. Cartoon Archive. Commission Hugh. Sign up for Hugh’s “Daily Car­toon” Newsletter.]

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new moleskine drawing: “tried life”

Just finished this new Moleskine drawing: “Tried Meaningful”. You can see the enlarged image here. Let me know what you think! [See more like this over at the Moleskine archive.] [Backs­tory: About Hugh. E-mail Hugh. Twit­ter. Limi­ted Edi­tion Prints. Car­toon Archive. News­let­ter. Book. Inter­view. Essen­tial Rea­ding: “Everything You Always Wan­ted To Know About ‘Cube Gre­na­des’ But […]

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advertising moleskine

[“Advertising Moleskine”. 5″x7″. Click on image to enlarge etc.] Dave Whittle, an advertising executive down in Australia, commissioned me to draw him a Moleskine, based on an old cartoon print-out of mine, that he had hanging on his office wall. A Cube Grenade. Exactly. Yes, I’ll have it framed, like this one. It was a […]

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new work for sale

[“Murmer”. Ink & Pencil on Moleskine. April, 2009.] I have some new original pieces for sale on my gapingvoid gallery page, including three new “Moleskine” pieces. I’m asking myself a lot these days, “How did I get into the art business?” It certainly wasn’t intentional. That could be a good thing, of course… I hope […]

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[“Moleskine 42″ in a nice wooden frame. Click on image to enlarge etc.] [“Moleskine 42″ before the framing, approx 5″x7″: Click on image to enlarge etc.] [Close-up view] In May 4th, 2008 I blogged about a new drawing, “Moleskine 42″. I’m planning on doing more of these. I like their simple, plain, black & white […]

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moleskine label

[Moleskine homepage.]

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