daily bizcard 049: dan farber

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “Business Model” goes to Editor of CNET’s News.com, the veteran  technology journalist, Dan Farber. The cartoon was originally from a print series I did earlier this year to commemorate SXSW 2010, which I attended. I thought it would make a very groovy business card for anybody working in his space. I’ve known Dan […]

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daily bizcard 048: jeremy schoemaker

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “Recession?” goes to affiliate marketing maven, Jeremy Schoemaker, the fellow behind Shoemoney.com. Jeremy’s done very well. Apparently that wasn’t always the case. One day it seems that some sort of switch went off inside his head and since then, there’s been no looking back. I like it when switches go off. Makes […]

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daily bizcard 046: omar l. gallaga

[You can get the print here etc.] Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “CFA” goes to Austin-American Statesman tech writer, Omar L. Gallaga. Besides his newspaper beat, he’s also a contributor to NPR’s “All Tech Considered” segment, which airs Mondays on “All Things Considered.” What the hell, it looks like I’ll be spending a lot more time in […]

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daily bizcard 045: adam ostrow

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, goes to Adam Ostrow, the Editor-In-Chief of Mashable, the world’s third largest blog. I remember (and it wasn’t that long ago) when Masahble was just a small blog, run by Pete Cashmore out of his bedroom in Aberdeen, Scotland, while he was still living with parents. Now Mashable’s “bigger than Elvis”- the rise […]

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daily bizcard 044: dr. donald m. berwick

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “Pick Two”, goes to President Obama’s nomination to run Medicare and Medicaid, Dr. Donald M. Berwick. [Daily Bizcard archive] [Commission a “Cube Grenade” from Hugh] [Dr. Berwick, we’ll be in touch soon via gapingvoidbizcard@gmail.com to collect your details for the back of the card, so we can print & ship a free […]

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daily bizcard 043: rick webb

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, goes to Rick Webb, COO and co-founder of The Barbarian Group. I love creative hot shops like Barbarian. To me, they’re the future of advertising… which I see less as creators of “messages”, but more more about being essential in  helping their clients think and act more creatively… which I believe will […]

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daily bizcard 042: robert scoble

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, goes to my old blogging buddy, Robert Scoble. Scoble was the pretty much the first celebrity blogger to be working at Microsoft. I thought what he did for the company then was tremendous- he really tried to shake the company culture up for the better, and he often succeeded. He now works […]

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daily bizcard 041: macon phillips

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “Obama”, goes to the White House’s Director of New Media, Macon Phillips. Phillips’ new media efforts during the 2008 United States presidential election helped raise vast sums of money for the Obama presidential campaign, while his text messaging, online videos and social networking skills led the campaign in many organizational and informational […]

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daily bizcard 40: alison lewis

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “It Was Either”, goes to Blogger, Author, Inventor, Designer, TV Host and Techno-Fashionista, Alison Lewis. OK, so what HASN’T this woman done? Exactly. Named one of Fast Company’s most influential women of 2010, she’s got a new book out, “Switch Craft: Battery-Powered Crafts to Make and Sew”. She’s got all the geek-hacker, […]

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dailybizcard 039: a.v. flox

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “This Is Not A Bed”, goes to my favorite saucy vixen/sex blogger, AV Flox. AV and I met at the Techcrunch Party in Paolo Alto last year, and have been good friends ever since. I’ve never been much of a sex blog reader, but AV’s writing is so sharp, so funny and […]

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