It’s hard to run the world

Find Your Starfish…

I drew this “Starfish” cartoon earlier today. I’ve always loved The Starfish Story, first told by Loren Eisley: One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?” The youth replied, “Throwing […]

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The Good News Is,

    Taken at Biscayne Bay

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On Leadership:

Creativity Is Not A Talent

We are born to create.

[Drawing from 1993. 9 x 6 inches. Click on image to see enlarged etc.] I really don’t like the word “creative”. It’s kinda wooly. Kinda meaningless. Kinda grating. That being said, “creative” is also kinda the reason we’re here. We are born creative beings. We are born to create. And knowing this, we can either […]

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The Crutch

Falling Water

sex and death

I am not ignoring you

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Hugh MacLeod is a genius.  Genius.

Seth Godin
Best Selling Author

His work acknowledges the absurdity of workaday life, while also encouraging employees to respond with passion, creativity, and non-conformity...   MacLeod’s work is undeniably an improvement over the office schlock of yore. At its best, it’s more honest, and more cognizant of the entrepreneurial psyche, while still retaining some idealism.

The New Republic
Lydia Depillis

Last year my State of the College address was 76 slides loaded with data. This year it was 14 cartoons that were substantially more memorable.

Len Schlesinger
Former President, Babson College

"There are only two daily newsletters that I look forward to opening and reading every time they show up to my inbox: Seth Godin's and gapingvoid."

Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos

In moments of indecision I glance at the wall [to Hugh's work] for guidance.

Brian Clark
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