Oh No! Blogging is REALLY, REALLY dead this time!!!!!! :D

[Cartoon first published circa 2005 etc.] So uber-famous-corporate-blogger-ninja-rockstar Jerimiah Owyang blogged about The Golden Age of Tech Blogging being over. His colleague, my friend, Brian Solis doesn’t agree. Lots of other people are yakkin’ about it as well, it seems. I guess that’s a good thing. Here are my thoughts: 1. Time to quote Shirky YET […]

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“anticipated content”: do people ‘look forward’ to you?

[“Last Words”, which I sent out in the newsletter recently. You can buy the print here etc.] A nice little exchange I had with Beth on Twitter this morning got me thinking… It was simple enough. Beth just said that she liked this morning’s newsletter cartoon. I thanked her for her kind words, and said […]

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daily bizcard 035: clay shirky

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “The Trick To New York”, goes to one of the world’s foremost thinkers about how the Internet ACTUALLY works, Clay Shirky. I know quite a few world-class Internet ‘gurus’. Seriously, without exception, they ALL borrow heavily from him, sometimes shamelessly. And the ones who say they don’t are liars. Clay has a […]

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brands don’t need ad agencies

So everyone and their mother in the business has forever been asking the question, “So what is the future of the ad agency?” Clay Shirky wrote a damn good article about the future of newspapers. Substitute “Newspapers” with “Ad Agencies” and advertising grunts everywhere will have plenty food for thought… “When reality is labeled unthinkable, […]

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“boring” is underrated

[“George”, which I sent out in the newsletter recently. You can get the signed print here etc.] I was thinking back to “The Golden Age of Blogging”, whenever that was. Say, six or seven years ago… when it hit that sweet spot between still feeling like virgin territory, yet just on the verge of reaching […]

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gapingvoid’s thoughts on blogging, 2010

[“Poor Imitation”. The cartoon I sent out to the “Hugh’s Daily Cartoon” list a day or two ago…] It’s been a while since I last wrote about blogging to any great length, but here are some random thoughts, in no particular order: 1. Blogs work SUPERBLY if you have great content. It’s when they don’t […]

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dreck intolerance

[“Gin And The Cognitive Surplus”. The REAL reason why Madison Avenue is in crisis, the reason nobody in the industry ever talks about. Watch Clay Shirky’s video above, or read his blog post on the same subject.] Some years ago, me and some fellow advertising creatives gathered at Dave Carlson’s apartment in Chicago, to watch […]

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blue monster: why social objects are the future of marketing

As a marketing blogger, I get asked a lot, “What is the future of marketing?” I always answer the same: “The Blue Monster”. What’s The Blue Monster? A Blue Monster is a Social Object that articulates a Purpose-Idea. What’s a Social Object? What’s a Purpose-Idea? Sit yourself down, pour yourself another glass of whisky. This […]

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thoughts on being a digital nomad

I’m writing this from an outside table at Jo’s Cafe on South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas. I spent part of the morning having a good look at Digital Nomads, the new Dell blog. It seems Lionel Menchaka, one of my pals over at Dell is helping to run it. Also, I find to my delight […]

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[Cartoon originally published December, 2007. It was dedicated to my friend, the dauntless Robert Scoble.] As anyone who has been reading Techcrunch will know, the “Is Blogging Dead?” meme has reared its ugly head again. Well, before we all get dressed up in our best funeral gear, let me say it one more time: The […]

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