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You work in an office. Maybe it’s a few people, or a few hundred. Whether it’s a passion, a paycheck, or somewhere in between, you spend a good amount of time at your job, “being at work.” It’s a major part of life. And now, you get to make a choice—do you want this piece of your life, your work environment, to be dead?


We thought not.


The gapingvoid motto is: Art With Purpose. Your choice of art creates your environment. Your environment is your reality. This is not an overstatement. If we can help your office environment have a soul, then we’re doing our job. We’ll sleep better. A more inspired world is a beautiful thing.


Truly innovative office art ambushes your brain and FORCES it to think. It DOES NOT sit in the background hoping not to bother people. And the impact of good office art isn’t dulled with exposure. It’s reinforced. Absorbed.