The Hughtrain Manifesto: How To Have Smarter Conversations

Back in 2004 Hugh drew his famous, semi­nal busi­ness car­toon, The Hugh­train, which had the insight, “The mar­ket for something to believe in is infinite.”




The car­toon inspired The Hughtrain Manifesto, which was a riff on one of Hugh’s favo­rite books, The Clue­train Mani­festo.  Cluetrain’s great insight was that “All mar­kets are con­ver­sa­tions”; The Hugh­train is about taking that idea and applying it to marketing; it’s about finding real meaning, it’s about how adver­ti­sers and brands can have a smar­ter con­ver­sa­tion with their cus­to­mers, emplo­yees, and the mar­ket.