Our New Secret Weapon: “CultureMail”


Jason and I were thinking, if people like our daily newsletter so much, it would be awesome to take what we’ve learned from that, and create something useful for our clients. Ergo:


Introducing CULTUREMAIL: “Just like our own gaping­void news­let­ter, but for your own busi­ness and peo­ple.”


We’re REALLY excited by this: A proven new tool that helps leaders lead,  helps leaders effect change, simply by using e-mail (or whatever delivery vehicle you prefer).


A communication idea designed to bypass the usual expensive, overwrought (and mostly ignored) internal comms.


It’s a disarmingly sim­ple idea: We take what we’ve lear­ned from sen­ding out our own daily news­let­ter over the years, then apply it to create sim­ple and effec­tive bes­poke client news­let­ters for lea­ders to spread their ideas: We call it “CultureMail”.


We take your thoughts and ideas and, after a thorough con­sul­ta­tion pro­cess, we use our own uni­que world­view, crea­ti­vity and agile skill set to turn it into a powerful and compelling e-mail news­let­ter campaign.


Com­plete with relevant, on-message gaping­void car­toons and writ­ten con­tent that peo­ple will actually want to read, engage with, forward to their friends. Something that actually reso­na­tes with peo­ple and effects change.


A news­let­ter actually desig­ned to go under the usual business-speak radar and make an actual dif­fe­rence, desig­ned to help change the com­pany culture for the better.


Just like our own gaping­void news­let­ter, but for your busi­ness and peo­ple. Crea­tive, power­ful, dis­rup­tive and on-message. A power­ful tool that “helps lea­ders lead”. We look forward to discussing it more with you. Feel free to ping us anytime, Thanks. Email:  hugh at gapingvoid dot com.