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Patient engagement. Improve patient outcomes. Maximize communication. We collect and analyze data, through focus groups, to curate art collections that directly impact your patient engagement, help your doctors understand how to communicate better and motivate your staff feel more aligned.

Gapingvoid works with some of the leading companies in the world including; Microsoft, Zappos, Roche and Dell - we create purposeful art that connects people in deep, visceral ways to carefully considered outcomes.


In healthcare, our focus is on improving the patient experience by inspiring trust and empathy as these together are the foundation of building great patient/provider relationships.


We create immersive art installations that signal positive mindset with images and messages that inspire a targeted group of emotions such as trust, openness, happiness and delight. They foster behaviors such as communication, empathy, and mutual-respect. Everyone feels connected to the best outcomes and at the same time, deeply cared for.



The result is alignment between doctors staff and patients so everyone feels more motivated and connected. This alignment  directly impacts the quality of care, and is one of the fundamentals of value-based reimbursement.

We would love to work together. We are offering a complimentary design service, if you'd like us to recommend images and layouts.  


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