Curated Spaces

Amazing experiences that go beyond decor - we curate spaces that deliver real messages and keep people immersed in the right concepts.

Tailored to the needs of individual businesses, we work closely with companies of all sizes to create spaces that integrate seamlessly with company culture, providing an immersive and inspiring place for employees to work, think and collaborate.


The San Luis Obispo offices of StudioGood, a division of Causemedia Group. Joey Leslie, StudioGood’s President, started collecting gapingvoid art long before his offices were ready for a new look. When the award-winning digital and social good agency recently redecorated Joey was ready to deck the walls with images that celebrate and reinforce the agency’s fundamental theme: good ideas matter.

In Joey’s words: I bought Hugh’s first print, Bluetrain the hour it became available. I knew that it would hang in the lobby of the new offices I would have one day. Today it does. The group at StudioGood has been crafting change for over 13 years. We’ve helped raise over $60M for charities around the world with our award winning campaigns. The spirit of our shop is reflected in the dozens of GapingVoid prints that hang throughout our offices. As the print above my desk says, StudioGood is “small, quirky, unique, ferociously independent and still able to survive.”



Executive Director Christian Garcia knew that it was worth spending the time to put together something beautiful, an immersive environment where everyone can do their best work.


That’s how the marriage between Toppel Career Center and Gapingvoid began. Inspiration, passion, drive and other important ideas become the foundations of the building.


Each room is designed to inspire the natural use of the space. Interview rooms, copy machines, walking through hallways. Ideas inspire, driving action.


The Toppel Collection brings aesthetics usually only seen inside museums to an office environment. Many of these works reappear in some of the biggest, coolest companies across Silicon Valley and other corporate hubs. The art installation is also designed to remind the career center’s staff what great work they do there, all day, every day. We can hardly think of anything more important.


In Christian’s words: With all of this, I took a major risk. Because I didn't ask anybody. This was so important to me when I saw this artwork, I just knew that when people saw it, the risk would pay off. I thought "Okay, I'm either going to lose my job or people are going to like it so much they're going to be like 'Hey, the money wasn't that bad."


At the dedication ceremony, I was holding my breath, because my boss was there, the provost, the president. Seeing them walk around with their mouths open, just looking at it and then watching them talk about it - the president of the university came up to me and said, "This is amazing." The risk paid off.



Think about it. An immersive space that surrounds patients, staff, doctors, with ideas that connect people. Motivate them. And inspire them.


Most healthcare spaces are functional. If they do have art, it’s simple, soothing stuff. But it doesn’t often truly connect with people.


Yet healthcare sees humans at their most vulnerable. When you can make a real connection, patients feel more at home, they’re more likely to be honest and compliant.


Art also helps staff feel valued and appreciated. A curation at one healthcare center improved efficiency so much that the physicians were able to see 15% more patients, every day. They told us, "It's been a year, and the art is having even more of an impact than when we first installed it."