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Finally, motivational art that doesn’t suck.

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You work in an office. Maybe it’s a few people, or a few hundred. Whether it’s a passion, a paycheck, or somewhere in between, you spend a good amount of time at your job, “being at work.” It’s a major part of life. And now, you get to make a choice—do you want this piece of your life, your work environment, to be dead?

We thought not.

The gapingvoid motto is: Art With Purpose. Your choice of art creates your environment. Your environment is your reality. This is not an overstatement. If we can help your office environment have a soul, then we’re doing our job. We’ll sleep better. A more inspired world is a beautiful thing.

Truly innovative office art ambushes your brain and FORCES it to think. It DOES NOT sit in the background hoping not to bother people. And the impact of good office art isn’t dulled with exposure. It’s reinforced. Absorbed.


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Office art meets science: There’s more to creating an inspirational work environment than just good taste.

Science office art cartoon

We’ve seen a lot of offices walls, with all kinds of stuff on them. Surprisingly, we’ve found the old motivational posters with the mountain photos had the right idea—use art to keep your brain responsive and focused on a message. It’s proven that when your brain is passive, the rest of your body physically shuts down. Famously, you burn more calories sleeping than you do while awake watching sitcoms, that’s how shut down the human brain gets when exposed to stimulus that requires no cognitive effort. Most office art—watercolor landscapes, inoffensive abstracts, another bowl of fruit—is the visual equivalent of channel surfing. It was made to blend in. The thing that’s so effective about the motivational posters is, you’re actively working to understand them before you (or your brain) knows what’s going on. It’s an effective visual trick that hijacks your brain and makes it wake up.

Which is cool, but those posters are tired, cheap, and cliche.

So why not use the same trick in a high quality context, with a message that excites people?

Enter, Gapingvoid and the cartoons of Hugh Macleod. This is work that is instantly engaging and impossible to tune out. We’ve seen from experience that projecting Hugh’s philosophy of creativity, innovation, and curiosity through an office changes company culture—in countless ways, whether it’s a client asking “Wow, who drew that?”, a new employee quoting a cartoon on break, or someone glancing at the same image they’ve seen a hundred times… and smiling.

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The StudioGood/ Gapingvoid Art office reboot:

Featured Office (above): The San Luis Obispo offices of StudioGood, a division of Causemedia Group. Joey Leslie, StudioGood’s President, started collecting gapingvoid art long before his offices were ready for a new look. When the award-winning digital and social good agency recently redecorated Joey was ready to deck the walls with images that celebrate and reinforce the agency’s fundamental theme: good ideas matter.

In Joey’s words,

I bought Hugh’s first print, Bluetrain the hour it became available. I knew that it would hang in the lobby of the new offices I would have one day. Today it does. The group at StudioGood has been crafting change for over 13 years. We’ve helped raise over $60M for charities around the world with our award winning campaigns. The spirit of our shop is reflected in the dozens of GapingVoid prints that hang throughout our offices. As the print above my desk says, StudioGood is “small, quirky, unique, ferociously independent and still able to survive.”

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And here’s our art in action!


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Gapingvoid specializes in custom commission projects, tailored to the needs of individual businesses. We work closely with companies of all sizes to create spaces that integrate seamlessly with company culture, providing a supportive and inspiring place for employees to work and think. We also provide business culture consulting and visual communications services (here are some of our awesome clients and projects.) Whether you’re a long-time Hugh fan, or you’re seeing our work for the first time, please feel free to call us 305 763 8503 or email art@gapingvoid.com to discuss our services.


“In moments of indecision, I glance at the wall [to Hugh’s work] for guidance.” – Brian Clark, Copyblogger


To see more of Hugh’s work: