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Hugh Live Drawing at Intel’s booth at CES

One way to make an event memorable and lasting is to have Hugh “live draw” at the event.  Hugh likes to call it “live ‘tooning.”  Not only does live drawing add something special to the event itself, but the art Hugh creates at the event lives on long afterward, in many different forms, from mementos for attendees to marketing materials for the next event (not to mention prints, eBooks, brochures, emails, blogs, websites, etc.).

Sometimes we are engaged to create branded images that can be printed on fine art paper, signed, and given out on the spot to event attendees, as we have done for clients such as Intel at events such as the Consumer Electronics Show.

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More commonly, we are engaged to have Hugh create images inspired by the keynote and other speakers at an event, using the unique gapingvoid “voice” and style to truly capture the essence and meaning behind a speaker’s presentation.  Rather than simply visually transcribe (as the typical tradeshow artist does), when Hugh captures a speaker in cartoons, he interprets what is being said and adds value and meaning to the speech through his interpretation.

Depending on the number of days, speakers and topics at an event, the output can be many dozens of images from a single event.  These images are often utilized during the event itself, projected on the big screen during introductions and intermissions.  In addition, they live on long after the event, and thus extend the life and influence of the event for those who attended, as well as those who were not present but can capture a glimpse of what they missed through the gapingvoid art.

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At Joe Polish’s “Abundance” event in NY, Hugh drew during some amazing presentations by luminaries including Arianna Huffington, Steve Forbes, Ray Kurzweil, Brendon Burchard, Neil Strauss, and many others.  The video below includes just some of the images created during the two day event.

At SXSW, Samsung put a twist on Hugh’s live drawing by asking him to use a Samsung Galaxy Note instead of his usual full sized drawing tablet.  The results were still awesome.

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