Don’t Get It? Let Us Explain…

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If you’re here, we haven’t done a great job of explaining what gapingvoid does.  We’re sorry for that, but glad you’re here to give us a chance to try again.

We Create Art For Business.

Why?  Really, it all boils down to one simple belief we have:

Art Transforms Businesses.

Art in general (and our signature style of cartoon art in particular) can express ideas, vision, beliefs, stories, culture, mission and purpose faster, better and more deeply than any other method of business communication.

People Are Inherently Visual.

This is science fact.  We learn and remember things through visual associations.  Images matter.  Art matters.

Change Requires New Habits.

Successful businesses align their teams with a common understanding and purpose – their culture.  But establishing and maintaining culture across a growing organization is a challenging, ongoing process.  Culture consistent habits have to develop over time and be continually reinforced in ways that are organic and shareable.  It may come from the top down, but it needs to grow from the bottom, and the middle, and in every direction.

Habits Are Formed By Repetition.

Art Empowers Repetition.  It rests on walls, it gets shared by email and social channels, it gets given as gifts, it gets seen again and again and again.  And in doing so, it spreads and reinforces important, sometimes complex messages, in ways that are readily embraced and shared (and ways a meeting or a memo will never achieve).

Perhaps Copyblogger’s Brian Clark said it best:

“In moments of indecision I glance at the wall for guidance.”


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