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“I’ve never seen THAT before!”


This video (above) and slide deck (below) show some of our event work.

Most conferences can be made to be more effective, more immer­sive and more memorable.

Gapingvoid Corporate Event Services:

We supply tools to make this happen.

Giant Images for Immer­sive Spaces.

Event Schwag: Shirts, Caps, laptop covers, stic­kers, balloons, fine art prints and all sorts of really cool merch that will make its way back to the office, and beyond.

We provide the­ming, inters­ti­tials, decks for key­no­tes, and just about any visual prop you can use at any conference, big or small..

We have done live-dra­wing at events to cap­ture and expand talks and other conference content. The work lives on as a fun and meaningful remin­der for your attendees, of the awesome time they had, not to mention, tools for decks, print materials, cor­po­rate gifts and  mar­ke­ting for future events. If we had to pick, this is probably one of our favorite gigs–something about performing without a net, right?

A Gapingvoid event engagement begins with a client/ event planner consultation. Like any consulting engagement, we identify key goals for the event, and budget. We decide the best medium for a Gapingvoid visual presence, and create custom work in the necessary formats.

If you like what you’ve seen, check out Gapingvoid’s report on corporate culture and visual communication. Visuals are one of the fastest ways to communicate—literally at the speed of light. Gapingvoid’s bold graphic style cuts through the sensory chaos at most large corporate events.

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