We work for an amazing group of smart people at companies all over the world.

Here are just a few examples of our client work:


rackspace 2

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Rackspace started it’s life in 1998. Early on, they developed some core beliefs about service which enabled them grow to into a billion dollar business.

Gapingvoid has been working with Rackspace for nearly four years. We have created scores of images around key ideas in their business: Fanatical Support, ‘Racker’ Culture, Client Engagement, Startups, etc.

Our Rackspace images appear across the web, on the walls of Headquarters in San Antonio, and in Robert Scoble’s videos. Our particular focus has been on growing and articulating Rackspace’s culture, which sets it apart from its competitors.



hubspot 2

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Based outside of Boston, HubSpot is one of the most respected start-ups in the tech scene. They are perhaps most well known for spearheading the huge shift to content marketing for small businesses. They have teams of people creating great, interesting content, showing companies how to create better online marketing and generate inbound leads.

We were flattered when they approached us to create a body of work aligned with their content ideas. These images have been used online and hang on the walls in HQ.

Babson College

babson 3

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Babson has been ranked as the number one school for entrepreneurship in the US for nearly 20 years. Babson’s President, Dr. Len Schlesinger, wanted to communicate the potential of entrepreneurship to transform lives and make the world a better place.

Gapingvoid created extensive imagery for use in talks, around campus, on t-shirts and in presentations. We captured what it means to be an entrepreneur and how it can transform the world.




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Dewar’s nee­ded tools for com­mu­ni­ca­ting ideas that were alig­ned with their core brand mes­sage, “Some things are just worth doing”.  So Dewars enga­ged gaping­void to draw live at TED Glo­bal 2011 in Edin­burgh, Scotland.

The images were created and made into limited-edition prints. They have been displayed at the Miami New World Symphony, and now are hanging in Bacardi Headquarters in Miami, Florida.



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The Con­su­mer Elec­tro­nics Show in Las Vegas is perhaps Intel’s lar­gest show­ca­se of the year.

Intel wanted to do something cool and enga­ging around their “Visibly Smart” pro­ces­sors. We deve­lo­ped an inward & outward facing cam­paign around the idea that “The pro­ces­sor is an expres­sion of human poten­tial”.

The goal was to view the pro­ces­sor both from an engi­neer’s and con­su­mer’s pers­pec­tive. Hugh did live-dra­wing at CES, then after the event the work was deplo­yed all around the orga­ni­za­tion. Even Intel CEO, Paul Ote­llini was so taken with the work, that he orde­red a suite of the work crea­ted for his con­fe­rence room.


Volkswagen AG

vw-054-copy (1)

What happens when one of the largest companies in the world with 400,000 employees gets senior management together of a top level strategy meeting? Nearly one hundred drawings were created at MIT Media Labs over three days in 2012. These images were used for inspiration and brainstorming at the event, and now live on in dozens of VW offices.




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How do you get people talking about data centers? This was Cisco’s challenge at the 2012 VM World conference.

Hugh created one of his ‘all over’ prints, articulating the common themes discussed at the event around data centers, big data, and what it all means.

It started lots of conversations, individual drawings made their way onto shirts and everyone came away a bit more excited about data centers.


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