stormhoek bottles

[A print idea for #evilplans. Click on image to enlarge etc.] EUREKA! I had my EVIL PLANS road trip idea, but it was lacking the social object it needed to really work. Sure, driving around Texas with a video camera and an idea about “Dream Big” was all very well, but it needed something to […]

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note to texas twitterers: futile marketing in texas

[UPDATE: Of course, I can’t do this alone. I’ll be needing the help of the Texas Twitter community to help me. If you have any ideas to help make this act of futility somehow less futile, please email me at Thanks!] My long-term plan is to continue living out here in Alpine, Texas, writing […]

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stormhoek, terlingua

[Never a dull moment in West Texas etc. A video of me telling some local people down in Terlingua all about Stormhoek.] I recently made the acquaintance of the proprietors of both The Starlight Theater and La Kiva, two prominent bars down in Terlingua. The meetings went well- I liked them both, they seemed to […]

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every product

{Cartoon inspired by this blog post.] [Backstory: About Hugh. Twitter. Newsletter. Book. Interview One. Interview Two. Limited Edition Prints. Private Commissions. Cube Grenades.“EVIL PLANS”.]

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smarter wine, cont’d…

A couple of years ago while working on Stormhoek, I came up with the “Smarter Wine” idea. 2. Everyone’s definition of “smarter” will be different. I’m OK with that. To me, it means continually engaging the customer at a higher level, continually raising the bar. 3. The brilliant thinker, Russell Davies identified four keywords that […]

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gapingvoid is proud to present: THE WORST MARKETING IDEA EVER!!!!!

[My pal, Jeffro singing at Harry’s Tinaja, Alpine, Texas.] I’m taking to the road. Here are some notes: 1. Now that IGNORE EVERYBODY is done and in the book stores, it’s time to do something else. In the last couple of days, I’ve gotten several emails from people that they saw the book selling in […]

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road trip?

[Marketing. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it…] With all the activity over IGNORE EVERYBODY and the prints these last few months, I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t spending more time on the Stormhoek project. It’s hard to do everything…. The wine is selling well here in Alpine, Texas. It’s a small […]

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if i only had a brain

[Jeffro, donning a Black Flagg t-shirt, singing at Harrys Tinaja, Alpine, Texas. Note the bottle of Stormhoek by his side etc.] So this is what’s been happening with Stormhoek wine on my end lately… 1. We currently have Stormhoek selling in six places in town (Alpine, Texas), including Harry’s Tinaja, Porter’s Supermarket and Twin Peaks […]

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social object: the “dream big” bumper stcker

[Click on image to enlarge etc.] If you walk around Alpine, Texas (my current home), you might start seeing the “Dream Big” bumper stickers everywhere, the ones I made for Stormhoek. Alpine only has about 6,000 people. We’ve distributed around 1,000 bumper stickers so far. Plan to do many more. Do the math. Why can’t […]

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the dream begins

“The Dream Begins”. This was the first Stormhoek video put together by Loren Feldman.

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