Miami Beach and the future:

This is one of the pieces we did recently for the Miami Beach Mayor’s Office. Though Miami Beach is mostly known as a tourist town with a large proportion of their economy being bars and restaurants, the fact is, a ton of interesting people live here, at least part time. Their business empires may be […]

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Merry Christmas!

Something to think about in the New Year: I was always searching for something, some sort of higher truth or state of being that always seemed to be evading me. And that’s why I started drawing so ferociously all those years ago. I thought it would lead me to the place I was searching for. […]

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“Outrageous Fortune”: Why “Culture” In Business Matters.

[When companies get too successful to fast, this often happens…] Does this ever happen to you? A person that you’ve known forever, maybe since you were kids, suddenly becomes very wealthy? Winning the lottery , inheritance, bought out by Google, etc.? And then suddenly, it changes them? They start acting all weird? They suddenly get all […]

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Office Art: Freedom From Spreadsheets

[Buy the print here etc.] If the numbers of emails I’ve gotten today is anything to go by, this “Spreadsheet” cartoon that we sent out in today’s newsletter really hit a nerve. I guess it’s not surprising, when so many of one’s subscribers are in the business world. We’ve already sold a bunchload of the prints […]

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The “I’m Not Delusional” Show: Art Basel Miami 2013

[OFFICIAL HASHTAG: #NotDelusional] RSVP HERE: INVITATIONS [download and print out etc].   “WE’RE ALL ENTREPRENEURS NOW” We’re are living through the greatest sociological shift since the Industrial Revolution: The Age of the Entrepreneur. No more “Jobs for Life”. No more “Business As Usual”. The combination of globalization and the advent of the Internet has put a […]

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Gape Into The Void: Podcast Episode 9 with Seth Godin

[Direct Link to Episode 9]  [Link to the Podcast in iTunes] [The gapingvoid Seth Godin Store] [Seth’s blog] Show notes [compiled by Jeff Sass:] In this episode of the Gape Into The Void podcast, Hugh and Jason have a discussion with bestselling author, speaker, and marketer, Seth Godin.  Seth has been an inspiration to many, including […]

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My First Children’s Book… which isn’t really a Children’s Book

Decades ago, before my first cartoons were ever published, I had this idea that my first published work would be a children’s book. That didn’t happen, of course. After years in the cartoonist game, my first children’s book was only just published this month. “V Is For Vulnerable”. Check it out. Though actually, it’s not […]

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Slideshare for Entrepreneurs

Gapingvoid: I’m Not Delusional, I’m An Entrepreneur from gapingvoid This is awesome: We did another little Slideshare presentation about how gapingvoid makes art for entrepreneurs. It only went up yesterday, and it’s already passed 35,000 views! No matter what the glossy magazine try to tell us, being an entrepreneur is a hard, lonely, nerve-wracking business. […]

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Hugh MacLeod is a genius.  Genius.

Seth Godin
Best Selling Author

His work acknowledges the absurdity of workaday life, while also encouraging employees to respond with passion, creativity, and non-conformity...   MacLeod’s work is undeniably an improvement over the office schlock of yore. At its best, it’s more honest, and more cognizant of the entrepreneurial psyche, while still retaining some idealism.

The New Republic
Lydia Depillis

Last year my State of the College address was 76 slides loaded with data. This year it was 14 cartoons that were substantially more memorable.

Len Schlesinger
Former President, Babson College

"There are only two daily newsletters that I look forward to opening and reading every time they show up to my inbox: Seth Godin's and gapingvoid."

Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos

In moments of indecision I glance at the wall [to Hugh's work] for guidance.

Brian Clark
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