Business Gifts

Why do gapingvoid images make the perfect business gifts?

Because they’re made to start conversations.

So many people pick presents for clients, employees, or supervisors with the goal of not offending. Instead of hoping to be remembered, people are happy if their business gift is acceptable and easily forgotten. We think that’s a sad way to give. We know we can do better.


We’ve written a lot about how gapingvoid’s images work as business consulting tools. They embed messages that reinforce values, and they’re “working” every time people see one in the lunchroom or the hallway.

gapingvoid offers several business gift options, designed for a range of budgets and recipients.

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Acrylic Awards & Gifts


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Our Acrylic Acrylic Awards & Gifts. These miniature gapingvoid sculptures are beautiful, modern, and unique.

These Acrylic Awards & Gifts were conceived as a take on the familiar corporate “recognition award,” and they make ideal gifting choices in both small or large quantities (for corporate gifts). We can work with clients on customization (branding and inscriptions).


Business Gift Idea: Fine Art Prints


For a memorable and personal gift, there are limited edition, custom framed prints. We are happy to discuss custom commissions, which can include branding and personalization. We can also guide you in choosing the right image for the right recipient, making sure you’re sending a memorable message.

Here’s a great overview in our print gallery: Business Gift best sellers!. All business gift prints are available with custom framing (recommended).


Aluminum Prints

corporate gifting mental prints

The vibrant detail, and luminescence of artwork printed on metal, along with its durability, makes our aluminum art ideal for high end gifting. No need to frame them – they come ready to hang on the wall.

Aluminum Prints


Laptop Decal Stickers


Another cool item we’ve introduced are gapingvoid laptop decals, they are a huge hit. Choose any gapingvoid image on your laptop.

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Are you giving a gapingvoid business gift this year?

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