gapingvoid in Israel

This is a recent t-shirt we did for our client,, as part of their Israeli startup reachout program, spearheaded by an old San Antonio friend of mine from the early days of blogging, Alan Weinkranz. (Rackspace is based in San Antonio; Alan visits Israel about once a quarter). For those of you with poor […]

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Creating a Culture of Purpose: Roger Shank at City Real Estate Advisors

CREA’s CFO, Roger Shank: “CREA has a dozen framed prints around the office, and I will occasionally ‘cube grenade’ people’s desks with one of the daily cartoons.  My first print was “Ignore Everybody” but my most prized is a 1991 original abstract piece that Hugh painted in his cubicle while at Leo Burnett.” “City Real […]

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This Week at Gapingvoid: 1/19 – 1/23

Buy The Print Some people wake us up. They bring us a new idea or a new way to do things. They challenge us to think differently, they challenge the status quo. They make things that previously seemed impossible, possible. We call what they have vision. They see with their mind’s eye a different future. We call them […]

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This Week At Gapingvoid: 1/12 – 1/16

Robots. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.We’re all tired of calling customer service and reaching a machine. Press 1 for…Instead of making life simpler, a lot of digital tools have simply made it more annoying.That’s what this image is about – in an age where many companies are caught up with innovation, what really […]

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This Week at Gapingvoid: 1/5 – 1/9

The other side: accountability.What good leaders do for their organization. They hold themselves accountable, and everyone else, too. It’s all about setting the right example, even when it’s not easy to do. Especially when it’s not easy. That’s when they need you most. Excellence has become just another word. It gets thrown around too often and […]

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Our consulting practice: Culture Science

Management science: a manufacturing-based methodology that stopped evolving in the 1960s. Consultants keep tweaking it, applying it, and selling it by the hour.  But we aren’t like management science. We are evolving. We need strategic thinking and creative outcomes now, not lever pullers who work at perfect speed with zero defects. And that’s why you’re […]

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This Week at Gapingvoid: 12/29 – 1/2

  Does your mission statement speak to the most essential values in your business? Or is it full of jargon and buzzwords?Mission statements unite your employees around a common goal – the more aspirational, the better. This is one of those times you go big or go home. Of course, writing a killer mission statement is only […]

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This Week at Gapingvoid: 12/22 – 12/26

This one’s simple: we’re afraid. We buy stuff to feel less afraid. It works. We buy more stuff. Advertising has been cleverly exploiting this dynamic for decades. But the problem isn’t so much advertising. It’s that we internalize this message. Here’s another thought: give love. Give experience, give inspiration. Give memories. Not stuff.   We’re fond […]

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Art Basel Miami, 2014

We had an amazing time at Art Basel 2014! Our “Do Something That Matters” show at the Surfcomber Hotel in Miami Beach was a colorful backdrop for discussions about technology, culture change, design, media and Miami’s future. Special thanks to our speakers Donna Shalala, President of University of Miami, Jimmy Morales, City Manager of Miami […]

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gapingvoid @ Ditech

[Hugh hiding behind a shirt, next to Ditech CMO, Rich Smith] Gapingvoid has infiltrated Ditech, the coolest home mortgage company in the nation, for a ground-breaking culture consulting project. Top secret for now, but you’ll be hearing more from us in the future. Inspire higher purpose, get everyone on board with your mission: If you’re […]

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Hugh MacLeod is a genius.  Genius.

Seth Godin
Best Selling Author

His work acknowledges the absurdity of workaday life, while also encouraging employees to respond with passion, creativity, and non-conformity...   MacLeod’s work is undeniably an improvement over the office schlock of yore. At its best, it’s more honest, and more cognizant of the entrepreneurial psyche, while still retaining some idealism.

The New Republic
Lydia Depillis

Last year my State of the College address was 76 slides loaded with data. This year it was 14 cartoons that were substantially more memorable.

Len Schlesinger
Former President, Babson College

"There are only two daily newsletters that I look forward to opening and reading every time they show up to my inbox: Seth Godin's and gapingvoid."

Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos

In moments of indecision I glance at the wall [to Hugh's work] for guidance.

Brian Clark
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