This Stuff Is Hard…

zappos culture(This post is part of an ongoing series with Brian Solis “17 Cartoons That Will Change Your Business,” inspired by Brian’s book, “What’s The Future Of Business?”  To sign up for the gapingvoid newsletter and download the above image for your use  please CLICK HERE.)

As Brian says, businesses are fighting through an exceptional period of “sustained disruption.” The crisis this morning will be “new normal” next week. Which is comforting and zen in theory, but not much fun when you’re busy putting out fires.

Real examples of unexpected, instant-impact “bumps”:

·      A meteoric rise in mobile web browsing means established desktop optimized ecommerce sites quickly becomes obsolete.

·      Unannounced reformatting of Gmail sends email marketing back to the drawing board.

·      Managing social media goes from an intern’s busy work to a key sales driver.

Overnight disruption. Force majeure. Something is different, and no one can tell you what.

Change and risk certainly aren’t new, but the speed and frequency with which they’re hitting the business landscape is unprecedented. You’re on your own, friend.

But like the cartoon says, if it were easy, you’d be bored.

So suck it up, Buttercup. Exactly.


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