My New Year Message for 2014: Choose your mountain to die on.


Like I said in my first book, “Ignore Everybody”, everybody was has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb.

Some people go their who lives without ever finding their Mount Everest, their own mountain.

Real life gets in the way: Jobs, family, Monday Night Football, retail therapy, taking selfies on Instagram, porn sites, leaving long rants in online forums, dive bars, the list is endless.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 10.25.58 PM

[screen shot from my Infographics page]

And in order to pay for all that “Real Life”, they take on jobs that have no real meaning or joy for them. Washing dishes, pushing paper around offices, whatever.

I call these people “Treadmill Consumers” i.e. people who spend their lives on the treadmill at work, just so that they have enough money to consume the latest crap.

The ONE THING I know about my readers, the one uinversal thing I know they have in common with myself is, they don’t want to be one of these poor, hapless souls.

The want find their own mountain. They want to climb it.

I guess my “mountain” was drawing cartoons (like the cartoon at the top rightfully indicates), although it took me DECADES to find that out. It was one of the most satisfying moments of my life when I told my fiancee just before I married her, “Honey, just so you know, I’m never changing jobs. This is it, this is what I do.” And that she was perfectly OK with it, Thank God.

If I have one wish for you in 2014, Dear Reader, is that you A. Find your mountain and B. Start climbing it with all vigor and determination.

That you find what you were born to do, and start doing it.

Or if you have found it already, that you stick to it. That you don’t allow the naysayers and the usual consumerist bullshit to distract your true path.

Yes, it will cost you everything. But it will also give you… everything.

Happy New Year, Everybody.


  1. This is the most “entrance message” for 2014.
    You’ve well spoken. I pray for you; May you move from strenght to strenght…IJN!

  2. Thank you Hugh for being the beacon on the hill. You reminded me of a trip I took to South Africa almost four years ago. I wanted to sit in the ocean watching great white sharks, but every time the trip was delayed due to weather conditions. Finally I was offered an alternative day out by a fellow traveller, to trek Table Top Mountain. I jumped at it, thinking it would be easy, it was anything but. As the journey got higher and harder I realised I could make it a positive experience to symbolise my life’s passion and to begin pursuing it (being a script writer). I also didn’t want to be in cage surrounded by sharks, which could also represent the consumer treadmill, with the sharks being massive corporations selling me stuff I don’t need or want, yet I chose this. I chose it because I thought it would make me appear normal, just like everyone else. I told myself that no matter how difficult or tough it got I would keep going. I made it to the top of the mountain. It’s a day I will never forget.
    I don’t know how high up the mountain I am in terms of my life’s passion but I do know I’m willing to spend my life climbing. I also know that when I die the view will be wonderful. I’ve had a tough couple of years, but your emails and drawings have kept me going in ways I cannot begin to describe because it is a feeling, a knowing that deep inside something that was asleep has been awakened. I wish you every joy and success in 2014 and for everyone who subscribes to your emails.

  3. I wish some days that it was that easy.. sometimes the best intentions lead to disasters.. and when you jump and both of your feet leave the floor its too late to change the direction you jumped.

  4. Love this Hugh. Just wish I could find my Mount Everest. 52 years old and very disillusioned in the career I have been in for 29 years. Do you have any book recommendations?