Merry Christmas!

office art angel

Something to think about in the New Year:

I was always searching for something, some sort of higher truth or state of being that always seemed to be evading me.

And that’s why I started drawing so ferociously all those years ago. I thought it would lead me to the place I was searching for.

Then one day I realized that I didn’t need to search anymore, that I had been “there” all along. That the drawing wasn’t a means to an end, that it WAS the end.

All I had to do was keep drawing, and everything would take care of itself.

So right then and there, I drew this cartoon to keep as a reminder.

Most people do their “Thing” to get what they want.

For a lucky few, doing their “Thing” is all that they want. The ambition is in the doing, not the reward.

Or as Delmore Schwartz said, “Poetry is its own reward”.