Office Art: Freedom From Spreadsheets

office art freedom_from_spreadsheets

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If the numbers of emails I’ve gotten today is anything to go by, this “Spreadsheet” cartoon that we sent out in today’s newsletter really hit a nerve. I guess it’s not surprising, when so many of one’s subscribers are in the business world. We’ve already sold a bunchload of the prints to CFOs everywhere. Heh.

I must say, with so much of the personal web having been swallowed up by the big boys- Google, Facebook, Twitter, the NSA etc- the more I like the newsletter format. It still feels like I own it, it still connects with people with my work on my own terms i.e. quietly, in one’s own time, one-on-one.

The newsletter surpassed this blog long ago as the best place for seeing my best new work, for the reasons stated above. I hope you will subscribe, thanks.





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