It's been a big week for the Cloud


It’s been a big week for The Cloud, here at gapingvoid Central.

The Cloud cartoon above went out in the newsletter a couple of days ago, we just got back from a visit from visiting San Antonio, where are friends at Rackspace are headquartered.


We hadn’t been there for a over a year. The biggest difference (besides the office enarly doubleing in size) is our cartoons are EVERYWHERE. Including the C-Suite. Nice to see the work permeating everywhere.

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel sent me an advance copy of their new book on all things cloud, The Age Of Context (Rob is also an employee of Rackspace btw). So far it looks very promising…

We never planned to spend so much time and energy in or near the cloud. It just kinda happened by a series of happy coincidences. Nice to get to the party early etc.





  1. I am getting to the party late. Have not determined how and when to employ the cloud in my practice of law. As a one man firm, it has been hard to find a cost effective way to get on board. But I am looking at alternatives. Any inexpensive suggestions for my situation?