"The more we all buy from the battery farm, the sooner we all end up living in the battery farm, ourselves."

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[I know all about the churn, Darlin’…]

This made my day. The wonderful Liz Spears (who in the early days of blogging, was rightfully considered one of the best in the business) wrote an epic post about how NOT to launch a “content battery farm” to compete with the likes of HuffPo, AOL, Gawker, Forbes etc.

Though I LOVED the post (Man, can that gal write or what?!!), I don’t have huge opinions on the industry either way, to be honest. The mega-blog battery farms do their own thing, I do mine, sometimes we connect, sometime we don’t. It’s a fantastic business to be on top of, pioneers like Arriana Huffington, Mike Arrington, Jason Calacanis, Nick Denton are amazing people, and should be saluted.

But like you, I too have noticed the ever-increasing blogosphere churn over the years. It just keeps getting churnier and churnier, as the big boys bring in the increassingly heavy artillery.

Even with a really good independant blogger, you’ll have noticed the increased churn. That’s because she’s been telling herself, “I gotta churn it out every day- more, better, faster- or else my audience will vanish overnight!”

She’s right, they will.

And we like it that way. The more we all buy from the battery farm, the sooner we all end up living in the battery farm, ourselves..

Which is exactly where we want to be. Collectively we decided to lead a churn-centered life, or at least, reward only the ones that do, and punish the ones that don’t.

Whatever. I’ve got to go now; I’ve got this post I’m working on, “Ten Killer Curating Tips for Achieving Total Content Marketing Rockstar Awesomeness”, to finish before breakfast. Ciao.


  1. My favorite new blog is The Toast, which posts about five times a day and only does features. They spent a day just talking about V.C. Andrews. It’s fulfilling in exactly the way the churn-blogs are soul-sucking.

    I used to run my own site (Slacktory) as a multiple-posts-a-day blog, til I realized humor isn’t news-pegged and should in fact be given all the time it needs, so long as when you put something out, it’s really worth showing off.