More New Bulls**t


This is a screengrab from my latest e-book, “Authenticity Is The New Bulls**t”. You can go download it for free here etc.

My old friend Den wrote a nice post about it. Thanks, Den!

We are surrounded by technology. Each day there seems to be some shiny new thing to play with. But how many vendors think about the ‘what they do’ aspect? Too often I sense many vendors are continuing to force predictable behaviors instead of letting users show them where to go.

And while we’re on the subject of authenticity, another old friend, Gary Turner wrote a lovely short post about why the world seems to be on a newfound authenticity kick, all of a sudden. Defintiely worth a look:

Regardless, I do suspect that behind the quest for authenticity, exemplified not least by personal blogs like this one, never mind high street brand pretending to be indie – lies a subconscious desire for truth and integrity in a world increasingly marked by the unceremonious dismantling of institutions like celebrity, church and state.