The people with choices prefer to work in "Inspired Spaces". Deal with it.

office art subwaypic

This is the coolest things I’ve seen all week. An office hallway designed to resemble a New York Subway train.

As the tech market heats up (yet again), expect to see more architectural delights like this. It’s harder to recruit top talent if your offices are crappy etc.

The people with choices prefer to work in “Inspired Spaces”. Deal with it…


  1. I love this! Great fun to follow. It also makes me think about where I choose to work. I was once working somewhere that was about to do an office move. There were several options for spaces and one of them was in a basement with a single small window in one corner. I remember knowing, wholeheartedly, if we moved to that office I would quit. I need light to function. Pure and simple.