Sneak Peak on gapingvoid Laptop Covers

office art laptop_decal
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Yay! gapingvoid laptop decals [in beta]. We’ve been doing laptop decals for our corporate clients for a while. Gapingvoid images printed on this super polyester fabric. It fits perfectly on an 11″*13″ Macbook and is re-peelable, reusable. You can change them up, put them on walls, or glass partitions or whatever.

There is no sales page for them yet, but you can order custom images for $50 by emailing us here. They’ll go on cube walls and will never damage the surface you apply them to. You can also customize them with your company logo, so you can spread the good word with your awesomeness embedded.


  1. Laptop skins are good idea for business identity, put your logo and company name would be great push for your business identity, now a days, this idea is popular among big IT giants. Start with your own laptop and send gift to your employees and clients. Not a bad idea.

  2. This is really cool. I will admit I’d never thought about this. Laptop covers are an absolutely brilliant place to make the company statement. One’s logo cannot find a better place to perch on. Truly fantastic.