A Dream With No Life


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This is a cartoon from the early 1990’s.

When I was doing my most formative work back then, I was working all the time. ALL the time.

I’d have my advertising job by day, then I’d hit my regular watering hole/cafe, pull up a stool at the bar, and get drawing.

And that’s kinda what I did for many years. While many of my peers were “getting a life”, doing all that normal stuff: Watching Monday night football, getting married, shopping in malls, mowing the lawns on the weekend. Not me. I was just working ALL the time. day and night, either at the office, or the cafe. I didn’t hang out at home much, except to sleep.

And I got asked humorously, “Don’t you have a life?” all the time by the people who saw me around- the waiters, the bartenders, the other barflies. ALL the time.

I kinda felt embarrassed when I had to say, “Not really”. But it was the truth.

Two decades later, it seems to have paid off, for the reasons expressed in the cartoon. I’m glad time proved me right. Imagine if it hadn’t… Ouch.