Our new business card :)

internal comms logo 1303 a1

This is our latest business card design. Very cool.

Again, I’ll point to what  I said in The Hughtrain, way back in in 2004:

“The har­dest part of a CEO’s job is sha­ring his enthu­siasm with his collea­gues, espe­cially when a lot of them are making one-fiftieth of what he is. Selling the com­pany to the gene­ral public is a piece of cake com­pa­red to selling it to the actual peo­ple who work for it. The future of adver­ti­sing is internal.”

Of course, nine years later I’d change the line to, “The future of marketing is internal”…

In retrospect, the problem I always had when I worked back in advertising, was the client invariably wanted to change consumer bahavior far more than they wanted to change  their own company’s behavior… like they somehow weren’t related.

But of course, they were. Real change comes from within etc.

So it’s really not surprising that gapingvoid is doing a ton of “internal” work for clients these days. In terms of finding meaning and purpose, that’s where we think the action is.

I really hope you like the new card. If you want to find out more about our client work, feel free to e-mail, thanks:  hughATgapingvoid.com.


  1. “The future of marketing is internal.” Love this. Definitely changes my role as a copywriter.. Direct it inward? Maybe so.. Thanks!

  2. Right on. Excellent observation. I think a lot of companies miss the product innovation that is lurking inside their company too. They always think the better product idea is outside the company. While it is true that many new products will be developed outside a company, there are also a lot of organic opportunities that are missed because the suits never ask.