Path 3.0 Stickers

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[One of the e-stickers…]

[Download Path 3.0 app here.]

The big news for us this week was, we were part of the Path 3.0 launch that just happened at SXSW.

Basically, we designed a bunch of e-stickers for the new store they built inside the app. It was a fun gig that will hopefully get our work in a different, new context. From The Next Web link above:

The stickers have been put together in collections called ‘packs’ that run $1.99 and contain  a dozen or more stickers. Two packs are free with the latest update and Path says that it has worked with artists like David LanhamHugh Macleod and Richard Perez to make more packs that you can snag via the shop.

Very cool. Jason and I visted the their offices in San Francisco last week for the first time, just before the launch.

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What struck me was how the dining tables were the most architecturally dominant part of the space. By far the largest room in the office.

There’s a reason why families have always eaten together, down the ages (and you could call a startup a ‘family’, of sorts). Sharing food is one of most important and inclusive rituals.

The “friends gathered round” idea seems to be an apt metaphor for Path itself…

Congrats to the Path team for the new launch, very exciting!

[P.S. Dave Morin, the founder and CEO of Path is also a good friend and long-time customer of gapingvoid, he’s bought a ton of art from us over the years. We also met for the first time last year at Techcrunch Disrupt. Thanks for bringing us in, Dave!]