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So the Pope decided to resign today… I guess that’s not too surprising, even if a Pope hasn’t done it in 600 years. He was a very old man in ailing health, after all…

I’m not Catholic, so I have no idea what this means for the Church as a whole. All I can do is wish Pope Benedict a lovely, well-deserved retirement.

Although the event DID give me another chance to poke fun at the never ending religi-fication of Apple 😀


  1. Please, Hugh… Apple says and does a lot of things that you would agree with (“think different”, “we make big, bold moves”). Heck, even the idea of being “awesome” that you’ve talked about is completely embodied in the company philosophy. Criticize their profit margins all you want, but Apple is the opposite of the big, lethargic, uninnovative entities you often criticize in your posts.