Gape Into The Void: Podcast Episode 9 with Seth Godin

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Show notes [compiled by Jeff Sass:]

In this episode of the Gape Into The Void podcast, Hugh and Jason have a discussion with bestselling author, speaker, and marketer, Seth Godin.  Seth has been an inspiration to many, including Hugh, and over the years gapingvoid has produced many popular images that were based upon, or included the words of Seth Godin.  We even have a dedicated Seth Godin Store!  Most recently, Hugh illustrated one of Seth’s three new books, “V Is For Vulnerable.

Show Links:

Seth’s Kickstarter Project

Seth’s New Book

Ignore Everybody

Poke The Box



V Is For Vulnerable

Niagara Falls…

Russell Davies and Nike

Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny

Nike Fuel Band

Red Bull vs. Coke

Apple Stores

Seth at Yahoo.

The Lizard Brain…Extreme Sports

Liz Gilbert: Eat, Pray, Love

Hugh’s ChangeThis Manifesto

Don Quixote


Purple Cow

We hope you enjoy listening to the talk with Seth.  If you like the show, please tell your friends about the “Gape Into The Void” podcast and leave us a review on iTunes.

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