I love doing Private Commissions. There. I've said it :D



[Awwww… We were sent this photo, a com­mis­sion for  Dan Sulli­van and Babs Smith, the hus­band & wife stra­te­gic coach team, that was done as a Holi­day pre­sent to them, from our old buddy, Joe Polish.]

The last few weeks have been wonderfully busy ones for us in the private commission department, with Christmas, Hannuka and now Valentine’s Day… It’s by far our businest part of the year, at least for personal gifts.

Apologies to those who couldn’t get one in time for Valentine’s Day this time round. I was just too flooded with work already, eventually we had to cut it off. Boo.

Anyway, with the Valentines’ comms now in the bag and being sent out, my desk is somewhat cleared again, a blissful feeling that never lasts that long. Feel free to contact me or Jason if you still would like to commission something, thanks: