Seth Godin and Me on Intrepid Radio

Thanks to Todd Schnick and for having Seth Godin and I on his Intrepid Radio Podcast.

We started off talking about the children’s book Seth and I made together, “V Is For Vulnerable”, but the conversation went way beyond that.

Seth, as always, was his very lucid self. As always, he’s pushing us to raise our game in the meaningful” and “creating art” departments.

My big takeaway was, that in spite of Seth being very successful and well-known in my circles, he really isn’t trying to reach “Everybody”, just the small few who are ready to hear it. It’s easy to think that everybody digs Seth’s message, that’s not actually true. Most people just aren’t ready.

But that’s OK. Though Seth fans are a definite minority, the good news is, that’s still enough people to make a huge impact.

We can all learn something from that…

Todd’s Show Notes:

1. “If Dr. Seuss wrote a book that would make a middle manager cry, that is what we set out to do.”

2. It is about being hopeful and brave again, like we were as children.

3. Making art is about being vulnerable to the world.

4. “If it is certain to work, it’s not innovation. And if it is not innovation, than it is not art.”

5. Too many organizations are afraid to say to the world “This might not work…” And that fear holds most back from creating art.

6. “Failure is something I look forward to, because it shows me I’ve gotten to an edge.”

7. “Work is love.” Or at least it should be.

8. Imbalance makes good things happen, and makes real, honest connection possible. And it’s that feeling of almost falling from imbalance, that you really begin to start feeling alive.

9. Hard work vs. Doing something that is hard, risky, meaningful.

10. How people apply “one-buttock playing” to their daily lives.

11. Hugh and Seth discuss the creative process in how they created this book.

12. “Surround yourself with people who are on a journey…and help them make that journey with more gusto. And to make more of a ruckus.”

13. Mattering, is more important than focusing on quality…And mattering, is doing something that cannot be specified…

Hope you enjoy. Thanks!

[Find out more about Seth here.]


  1. hugh, a very sincere thanks for making the time to join me on the show. we had a good time, and i certainly learned a lot. continue to appreciate what you are doing…