"Love, Regardless Of Cost"

We have a new t-shirt in the works: “Love, regardless of cost.”

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We are nothing without love… We’ll do anything and everything to find it, and for a good reason. It truly completes us.

Countless songs and poems have said it all… But only Hugh could turn it into four words.

“Love, regardless of cost”

Simple, and perfect for your Valentine…

The little red heart represents Love. The squiggly black lines represent all the other external crap that gets in the way, be it other people, other problems. You know, the stuff that tries to swamp your boat on a daily basis.

From I personal perspective, I think love begins with the decision TO love, not waiting around for the right person, job or idea to come along and tick of all the magic unicorn boxes.

Sure, it can be painful. Sure, it can all go horribly wrong.

But as I get older, how much I loved (people, jobs, causes etc) matters increasaingly more to me than how much I was loved in return.

I love because I chose to. Regardless of cost.

It was my decision. And Thank God for that.