Re. How most people hate their jobs, and how to avoid that

Our latest t-shirt design is up on Teespring. At time of writing, you’ve got 9 days left on the offer…

I got good at cartooning (and later, was able to turn it into a wonderfully blissful, full-time career), not because I had that much born talent (I didn’t), it was just that I loved, loved, loved, the actual process of doing it. And the better I got at it, the more I loved it…

Whatever your job or industry might be, I think if you can get your career into that loop, you’ve pretty already won the career battle.

Most people hate their jobs, poor souls, simply because that loop eludes them.

Anyway, I hope you like the shirt :)


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  1. Nice shirt! I suppose that’s what we should all strive for. Seems like most of us are somewhere in the middle.

    Myself, I love certain parts of engineering, but not all of it. On the other hand there’s certain jobs I would hate most of it, so I think of myself as decently close to that goal!

  2. This may be a very dumb question but is it possible to get a print of this rather than a t-shirt. If so how do I go about it?