Economics 101

Tis the season that will define whether 2012 was a retail dud or success.

I’m always amused by the pundits who talk of economic growth or decline and that ‘consumer confidence’ plays a huge part in the determination of growth.

Consumer confidence is in reality, nothing more than a measurement of state of mind. If we all think the economy is good, it will be.

Thus the above statement, which if we all believe will result in a full economic recovery.

End of story.


  1. And if we all close our eyes, really really hard, our credit card debt will be gone, our jobs will come back, our country’s $16 TRILLION dollar deficit will disappear and people will feel insulted at the thought of applying for government handouts.

    This is the type of thinking that has gotten us in such trouble.

    Wake up.

  2. I prefer the concept of consumer confidence on a more micro level. My personal economy is as good as I believe it to be. As a small business owner I don’t need to be concerned about the vigor of “the marketplace”, I only need to be concerned about the people I sell to. If I sell to 1/100th of 1/100th of the marketplace, I am rich! While I have the best of wishes for the other 99.99%, they really don’t concern me or my business. The take away is: get your own house in order and maybe the rest will have the good sense to follow.