The gapingvoid Manifesto, a work in progress

[One of the pieces we did for Techcrunch etc.]

The gapingvoid Manifesto, Draft One.

[This is what we have so far. Jason (our CEO) wrote most of it. We feel we’re on the cusp of something, now we just need to make it more real for other people. Feedback welcome, thanks. Exciting!]


Business is language. Business is about communication.

Art is is the undiscovered UX of business.

We live in incredible times.

Every single person on this earth has the capacity to make a difference… the
ability to lead, and leave their mark.

Every business is driven by forces far more powerful and profound than money.

We help businesses discover and articulate their purpose,

We help people make a difference,

We help leaders inspire.

We help businesses kick ass.

We create social objects that transform organizations, start conversations,
and spread ideas at lightning speed.

We live in incredible times. And as long as there is one person on this earth who does not agree, there is still work to be done.

Any Company/Cause/Political Party/Religion that communicates more clearly and concisely stands a better chance at winning. Art bridges this communication gap.

It is perceived as more genuine, More honest, less varnished.

Well conceived art gets attention organically

Art allows you to have conversations that you couldn’t otherwise have.

Art is a lever for action.

Art creates connection.

Art is shorthand to communicate complex issues.

Art creates community.

Art connects with a different part of the brain.

Art is Visual. Visual communications are 10x more effective than written communication.

Give a gift basket and be remembered for a week, give a print and be remembered forever.


We want to transform the world of business by transforming the world of office art.

Most people believe that the act of decorating the walls of their office is seemingly one that is decided by taste: The colors of the art on the wall need not clash with the furniture, carpet or CEO’s aesthetic sensibilities.

In reality, act of decorating the walls of your office is a critical business and we believe, a moral decision. It can either set the stage for greatness and innovation, or set the stage for perpetuating the dreary, gloomy and monotonous world that is your business. It has nothing to do with aesthetics, and everything to do with purpose. The purpose and beliefs of your business.

If you could steer the course of your business by simply making a different decision about what hangs on the walls, why wouldn’t you?

Many business leaders do not realize that environment influences everything at work: Job satisfaction, problem solving, creativity, contentment and effectiveness.

You want positive outcomes? Then start with positive work spaces. Your office environment is the compass that guides how people view what they do and how they live their work life.

If you understand what your beliefs are, what your core values are, and how you want people to view why you do what you do, then you should shout those beliefs and values from every available space in your office.

Let the walls talk, guide and ground. Let inspiration hang in the air and have your people breathe and be surrounded by the bright glow of the goodness that your business represents.

The idea of deciding what wall coverings hang on your walls, isn’t about décor.
It is about purpose, culture, and values. Inform your culture, motivate your teams and send a message to the world that will have astounding impact every day of the year.


  1. I’d start from “Every busi­ness is dri­ven by for­ces far more power­ful and pro­found than money.”

    It’s attention grabbing and the heart of what you’re about and gets the reader to the statement of what you do within two lines.

    The lines that precede it should in my opinion be worked into the text later (split between the “we” secction and the “art” section).

  2. Yes, absolutely; and the second line should be:

    “Every sin­gle per­son on this earth has the capa­city to make a dif­fe­rence… the abi­lity to lead, and leave their mark.”

    In fact you don’t need to say any more, what a powerful statement.

    I’m going to steal it as my new motto. Because business needs more Art.

    Thanks Hugh

  3. Hugh and Jason,

    Couldn’t sleep up here in cold Iowa and this was a gem to hang out with for five minutes. Thank you for inviting input. “Art is a lever for Action.” The statement is kick-ass. I hope that phrase is allowed on here. That is what I feel. Short, pungent, calling. When I read books or see art that really moves me, I can only describe it with “kick-ass” because the chills inside me let me know, “Reid let’s get to work and make something happen for someone today.” That statement gave me that resonation. Keep that in there.

    Thanks again for entertaining my semi-somniac night.

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  4. Jason,

    I meant to say-great work so far. Each sentence is packing a punch. Please let me know when the manifesto releases.