Every office needs a "Hugh Corner". Exactly.

[Thanks to Everybody for sending in all the pictures! We especially like this photo and the accompanying email that Jannecke from Oslo, Norway recently wrote us. Rock on:]

Hi Hugh,

Enclosed you will find a picture of “Hugh´s Corner” in our offices in Oslo, Norway.

Eirik and I started a small boutique consultancy within the CX space two years ago – KOBRA – and your drawings have been part of our “inspirational platform” since the start.

Last month we finally moved into our new bigger offices looking down on the Opera House in the Center of Oslo.

As soon as we had found the offices  – and even before we had even moved in – we decided to create our own “Hugh´s corner”.  And this week it finally became a reality!

The “Hughtrain” has been almost as a confirmation of why we started KOBRA and it is great to now finally have it on the wall.

But after that we had major difficulties choosing which prints we wanted to have on the wall…. (I´m sure I spent hours browsing through them all….!!!)

We ended up with five…

Of course, as you can see, “Dare to be different” just HAD to be on a separate wall.

If you are ever in Oslo, please pop by!!  And  – do continue inspire and provoke!!

All the best!!