THESE. ARE. AWESOME: Large, 40"x40" gapingvoid prints on metal.

Keith Thomson, Managing Director up Stonegate Private Council (a wealth management firm up in Toronto) liked the “Dent” cartoon so much, he commissioned a special large one: 40×40 inches, printed on metal with a gloss surface.

It came out looking awesome. Very slick, very solid, very professional.

And then he graciously posed in front of the piece now proudly hanging in his office [with gapingvoid props scattered everywhere, tongue slightly in cheek etc etc.].

There are few better ways to let the people who walk into your office know, exactly where you and your company stands [Feel free to ping me if commissioning one would interest you: hugh at gapingvoid dot com].

Thanks to Keith for the great gig. I’m very, very excited about this new gapingvoid offering, there are no words. Rock on.

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