gapingvoid Adds Financial Services To Our Client List…

This is VERY exciting: Check out the animation video and cartoon work we did for CREDscore, by Movenbank.

As somebody who spent a lot of time surrounded by bankers (back in my London days), it’s nice to finally do something in that sector… something INTERESTING and DIFFERENT in that sector.

I met Movenbank’s founder and CEO, Brett King last year in Toronto at the Innotribe event, which I REALLY enjoyed. He was a great guy. A few months later, we got the phone call.

We pitched the idea to Brett to do a wee animation people would like AND share, as a cost-effective alternative to one of those boring motion graphics thingies that usually get ignored.

[N.B. We also handled the graphics on the webpage, which was lots of fun…]

Above is the photo of the drawing I did on the whiteboard, during our first brainstorming session… it traveled from that to storyboard to finished product. Rock on.

Thanks to Brett and Movenbank for the great opportunity!

[If you’re in the market for an animation like this, feel free to contact gapingvoid CEO Jason Korman anytime: jason at gapingvoid dot com. Thanks Again…]