The MailChimp Interview

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[UPDATE: Because I want people to see this video, I’ll be keeping it at the top of the gapingvoid homepage off n’ on. Please scroll down to see newer content etc.]

I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years; I daresay this one is probably my best: MailChimp, one of my top five web apps I use, interviewing me about the daily cartoon newsletter that we send out (via MailChimp). Thanks to CEO Ben Chestnut and the MC team for making it happen.

[I talk a lot about “Social Objects”. Click here if you don’t know what those are.]

Thanks to the spammers and the hucksters, e-mail marketing went out of vogue for a while, at least with the cool kids. But I think it’s making a comeback; I certainly couldn’t do what I do without it.

So yeah, five-star recommedation for MailChimp. They rock. Use them. And I REALLY hope you watch my interview. That is all.


  1. Looking relaxed and sounding great, Hugh. And a great message about finding the people who matter to you and making social objects for them. PS I’m still reading your blog :)

  2. Good to know that MailChimp is one of the top 5 web app you use to be connected with your readers.

    I was thinking about an email autoresponder now what would be your recommendation the MC or Aweber ?

  3. I reconnected with Twitter a few days ago, and the constant “promoted” tweets from MailChimp were driving me crazy. Especially given that I’d created a Twitter feed specifically geared toward a particular keyword (which did not appear on any of MailChimp’s tweets).

    I wish you well, MailChimp. If Hugh likes you, then I’m sure you’re a great company with great intentions. … just please consider the idea that promoted tweets may not endear you to your target audience.

  4. Haha! Loved the interviews! it’s good to have both read and heard and watched Hugh do his thing – create social objects. Three cheers.

  5. I think MailChimp will be the best email marketing tool for small to medium sized businesses. I like it because you can easily integrate it with anything.
    Interesting interview.
    I am sure your subscribers do not have any issue.

  6. hey hugh, i’m the creator of and I find your gaping void so so inspiring. I have been able to build quite a following, but can’t sell anything.. even though I’m not doing it for the money (anymore) it’s important for me to start earning a living doing it so i can switch over from my day job (
    i’m sure you busy, but a couple of words of wisdom would be very appreciated.
    Ali Sabet

  7. I honestly think MailChimp and Wufoo are two of the most progressive, game-changing products out there. We use them all the times for clients. Incredible product, great customer service, unlimited options…plus, SUPER smart business model.

    Awesome interview. Thanks for inspiring us all to be millionaire artist 😉