The MailChimp Interview

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[UPDATE: Because I want people to see this video, I’ll be keeping it at the top of the gapingvoid homepage off n’ on. Please scroll down to see newer content etc.]

I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years; I daresay this one is probably my best: MailChimp, one of my top five web apps I use, interviewing me about the daily cartoon newsletter that we send out (via MailChimp). Thanks to CEO Ben Chestnut and the MC team for making it happen.

[I talk a lot about “Social Objects”. Click here if you don’t know what those are.]

Thanks to the spammers and the hucksters, e-mail marketing went out of vogue for a while, at least with the cool kids. But I think it’s making a comeback; I certainly couldn’t do what I do without it.

So yeah, five-star recommedation for MailChimp. They rock. Use them. And I REALLY hope you watch my interview. That is all.