Lest We Forget: gapingvoid's July 4th Message To Humanity

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[We have a REALLY special print offer on today’s cartoon. Go see. For this year’s July 4th cartoon I wanted it to say something that went a little beyond the usual Rah-Rah Patriotic platitudes out there; something to do with the real-world, day-to day life of the start-up ecosystem that gapingvoid inhabits. Below is what I said in today’s newsletter; make of it what you will:]

Though I love Europe and had a wonderful time over in London at Le Web two weeks ago, I came back home to the USA feeling very grateful.

Talking to all those wonderful young people, trying to get their European start-ups off the ground made me realize, once again, JUST how good we Americans have it, even compared to our friends across the Atlantic.

Three thoughts:

1. I pray we never lose it.

2. I also believe, truly, that if we ever forget the message in today’s cartoon, we will indeed lose it forever. We have now been warned.

3. As you get older, you realize that America isn’t just about blue jeans, shopping malls and hamburgers. It’s about something WAY DEEPER, that if the world loses, humanity is in deep trouble.

 Thank you, and God Bless America. Seriously.

Hugh MacLeod

July 4th, 2012


  1. How things have changed – or not. The 18th century British may have thought of us as upstarts. In those days, our nation (not officially a nation yet) was only as good as its upstart culture.

  2. Hi Hugh,

    I’m surprised no one dropped a comment here. I have been cruising the internet looking for artists who really had something to say, so I consider your site a find.

    I recently read several of Jane Jacobs’ books, and among the great ideas I took away was the importance of investing in new enterprises. It seems you have a found a way to align that with your particular artistic talent.

    Well done. I’ve bookmarked your blog. I’ll be back. But right now, it’s time for bed.


  3. But – we may have it better than other countries, that does not necessarily mean we have it right.

    Government does not grant us our freedoms. Rather, we are born totally free by our very nature. Some might call it our “god given rights”. Governments take away our freedoms to greater or lesser extent but government cannot grant that which we already have.

    Anyone in touch with reality would have to agree, the US Government is taking away more and more freedom from its citizens.

    Some might say the old cliche: “if you don’t like it, move”.

    No. I was born here, a free human being. It is the government that has to change. And change it will as the people wake up and demand it.

  4. Oh, I see; you have moderation turned on. There WAS a comment. Sorry for the faux pas!.

    I’m off now to go visit galleries in Fresno, CA. We have a really great event called “Art Hop.” Fun. Great way to meet artists and gallery proprietors.

    • In your defense, Richard, I think our comments (yours and mine) were posted simultaneously. No faux pas on your part.

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