Fail Often

[Buy the print etc.]“Fail cheap, fail fast, fail often” is damn good advice. Especially for someone who wants to be successful. So it’d make a good something — perhaps a reminder to hang on your wall… Voila!I also love Esther Dyson’s great line, “Always make new mistakes” (she’s the well-known futurist and venture capitalist). In fact, I liked it so much that in 2008 I went ahead and made a drawing and gave it to her. Good times.It’s all about the same stuff: That our ability to succeed and to thrive is in direct proportion to our ability to make mistakes and learn from them.It ain’t rocket science, but it’s easily forgotten by some. Myself included. Ouch…[Originally sent out earlier today in the newsletter etc.]


  1. Love it. I have the classic Scott Adams quote posted in my art classroom at school. You know the one: “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
    I tell new students that all progress and innovation comes from failure, often from multiple failures. Mistakes breed success. Don’t be afraid to succeed.

  2. A wise industrialist once said that “failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently” and that industrialist is none other than Henry Ford. We should not let our failures paralyse us, instead we should take them as an opportunity to learn and improve ourselves.

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