Evidence that you've had a good life:

This was a real treat: When I was visiting my mother’s house last week I went and dug up some of my old drawings from the attic, where I had left them for safe keeping.

What I’d forgotten was JUST how many I had left there. There were thousands of them, drawn over a period of six or seven years. THOUSANDS.

Suddenly, looking there at the huge pile of business-card wallets lying there on the desk, I suddenly realized… I did it. I had created a body of work. Seriously.

It was a great feeling. Suddenly I felt that I finally had evidence here and now that, no matter what happens from now on, regardless, it’s been a good life. It’s been a good fight.

I felt so thankful.

That’s all we all really want, at the end of the day. Evidence. And gratitude.