Evidence that you've had a good life:

This was a real treat: When I was visiting my mother’s house last week I went and dug up some of my old drawings from the attic, where I had left them for safe keeping.

What I’d forgotten was JUST how many I had left there. There were thousands of them, drawn over a period of six or seven years. THOUSANDS.

Suddenly, looking there at the huge pile of business-card wallets lying there on the desk, I suddenly realized… I did it. I had created a body of work. Seriously.

It was a great feeling. Suddenly I felt that I finally had evidence here and now that, no matter what happens from now on, regardless, it’s been a good life. It’s been a good fight.

I felt so thankful.

That’s all we all really want, at the end of the day. Evidence. And gratitude.



  1. I have been picking up many things since we are moving to a smaller place. It is always great when you pick something up and realize you created it but you forgot about creating it.

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  4. Someday, you may be known as the “Businesscard Picasso” :) I’ve enjoyed your work for a few years now and really appreciate the insight and thought you put into it.

    It seems that going back to the attic was like seeing the visual representation of the 10,000+ hours. Evidence and validation.

    Thank you for sharing that moment with us.

  5. With a constant sense of what needs to happen next, “I did it” is a rare but wonderful feeling.

    Good for you, Hugh – you did it for sure.

  6. Yeah, that’s nice…and it validates the hours you have put into your craft. That’s what most people don’t “get” about the arts. What looks easy, isn’t. It takes a lot to get there. BUT, deary, there’s something you’ve got to add to that body of work that can’t be measured in a physical manner, there is no lawyerly “proof”–the laughter you have given to others (personally, to tears for me and my son…) the ideas of changing business to have it mean something, opening up creative channels to the deadening grind of commerce…you know, the fluffy stuff. What about the fluffy stuff that can’t be measured?

  7. “Evidence it’s been a good life.” I like that thought. We should all think about how we can leave a mark that we can reflect upon later in life, and that will persist after we’re gone.

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