"Bacon": The result is not the thing etc.

Today’s newsletter cartoon, “Bacon”, is a about something I see A LOT in the business world:

Where people are soooooooo fixated on the desired RESULT, that they have lost all genuine, intellectual interest in the actual STEPS that will actually get them there.

Even if it’s precisely BECAUSE you’re interested in the steps, in the PROCESS, is what allows you to get any kind of result in the first place.

These people are hard to work with. Because they can’t see anything but the mythological result they’re chasing. Even if, yes, the result doesn’t actually exist yet.

[Some Examples:] The Wall Street ex-fratboy who moves West to Silicon Valley, not because he gives a damn about tech or innovation, but because he can smell the gravy. The painter who doesn’t have a single interesting idea in his pea-size brain, but just knows he wants a big show in a famous New York Gallery ASAP. The small-town knucklehead who moves to Los Angeles “to become famous”. The guy who signs his life away to a large company because he imagines it must be fun to have a big office in a tall building.

They say they are result-focused, when in reality, all they are is reward-focused.

They have no interest in tinkering with something, eight bours a day, day-in-day-out for decades, pursuing an idea, acheiving mastery. They just want the magic wand. They just want the “bacon”.

Most people like this fail, Thank Christ.

Which is why I’ve been saying for years, “Seek out exceptional minds.”

[Thus endeth the rant…]


  1. yeah, I met a lot of entrepreneur peeps that think like that – they are running fairly successful biznesses and all they think about is: for how much money can I sell my company ?
    Thousands or millions ?

    The entire focus is on making moolah, instead of cherishing building something grrreat.
    Well, if it makes ’em happy…

  2. Reminds me of Robert Jordan: “If you want to be a writer, go be an accountant. If you want to write, write.”

  3. Reminds me of that dog in the TV commercial about Beggin Strips. BACOOOOOON… bacon, bacon bacon BACOOOOOOON. All he wants is the bacon. Doesn’t care what he is really eating. Some processed bacon like substitute. He just wants bacon.