"Big-city wages, small-town prices" is a damn fine business model

Here we go. The insanely-bright Harold Jarche (who I really enjoyed meeting in Toronto a few months ago) gives a few reasons why/how blogging transformed his life:

1. I live in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada; population 5,000. Even our timezone is unknown to many people. Without my blog, nobody would ever have heard of me. This Spring, I have four speaking engagements out of town (Montreal, Ottawa, Washington DC, Rome). Without my blog, I am sure that IEEE and many other organizations would not have invited me to speak.

Bingo. “Big-city wages, small-town prices” is a damn fine business model: I did it myself for many years when I was living in Far West Texas.

I live in Miami. I have no clients here. They’re all in places like Boston or New York or Texas or California or London. Yet most mornings I hang out on the beach.

Blogging allows me to stay creative and mobile… and like Harold here, far from the madding crowd, if that’s what I desire.

Anyway, feel free to join the conversation, just like Harold: Visit FreedomIsBloggingInYourUnderwear.com, steal some cartoons and maybe check out the book. Exactly. Thanks. Rock on.

[P.S. “Hyperlinks subvert hieracries” is me quoting Cluetrain, of course.”]


  1. Can’t wait until your book comes in. Around here, mail gets delivered by sled dog, so it takes some time 😉

  2. Web is big opportunity to anyone who can do something creative. Small town or from metro city doesn’t matter. Thanks for introducing us to Harold

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